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IMG_4733I have decided to start a new blog section on my website.  I want to create space about something I feel very strongly, something I have struggled with my whole life.  Health and fitness.   I would like to do this for myself, for my clients past, present and future, for friends and family and for a city that I have come to love, Reno!

Here are my top 10 reasons for changing things up:

1.  Personal Authenticity

I want to be authentic in this goal for health and fitness, the ups, downs and sideways that happen for us all.  I have always struggled with my weight.  When I was younger, my weight yo-yo’d frequently.  Up 20, down 20.  Up 40, down 40.  I tried every diet in the book.  In my late twenties , I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism/Hashimotos.  This discovery was the beginning of my journey towards health and fitness.  Since then, I have tried to learn more, to help others with the same struggles and stay consistent with my own health and fitness path.

2.  Places and Things to Do

I want to share new and exciting health and fitness platforms in Reno. Reno was just voted the #2 most fit city in the US in a survey conducted by Wallethub, written about in an article on Here is the link.

3. Accountability

I want to push myself to try new fitness programs.  I need to be accountable in my life…so this blog is going to be my accountability partner.  In essence, you are my accountability partner.  Thank you in advance!

4. Offer Support

I am at a place in my life where I love what I do professionally.  I love helping people buy and sell their homes.  I love that their home is where their family will build with love, laughter and memories.  It is a huge part of why I am a real estate agent.  That said, I am excited to expand the website to include a hopefully uplifting place of honesty, new resources and energy.  I am not conceited enough to believe that my own journey alone would change someone else’s but I do believe that I can encourage, relate and sympathize because of my journey.  I love each and everyone’s path that they are on to be stronger, better versions of themselves!

5. Connect

I want to meet and be a part of the energy of this amazing city.  This city is one of change, of transformation and of community.  There are stories after stories of this city coming together to help and encourage each other in times of need and of triumph.  Incredible people have invested their hearts and souls into making Reno what it is today and what it will be in the future. I want to go and meet them!

6. Explore More

I want to explore Tahoe/Northern Nevada!  I am embarrassed by this one but need to just admit it!  (I think this is the meaning of authentic…I will get to more of that in the next point.)  I am embarrassed that I have not explored the trail system in Reno or up in Tahoe very much.  I have many excuses as to why this is so…but really they are just excuses at the end of the day. My family and I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth – truly God’s country. I have yet to hike some of the most amazing trails that Northern Nevada has to offer.

7. Show it Off

I want to share Reno!  Reno is an incredible city with incredible people.  When my family and I moved to South Reno 6 years ago in 2010, all of our friends and family in Southern California said, “Where are you moving?  Why Reno?” I am proud of this city and all it has to offer. I would like those that have just moved here or others considering moving here to learn more about this city and all it has to offer.

8. Growth

I want to step outside the box I put myself in so many years ago.  I put myself in this box of trying to be “perfect.” Without a doubt, I am not perfect! No delusions there! Trying to be perfect takes a lot of work – work, I believe, that does not pay off in the end. I feel that because of this way of thinking, I have missed out on potential friendships, moments and thus, memories.

9. Step Outside My Comfort Zone

I want to be uncomfortable!  This one is scary for me.  For those that know me, I tend to keep to myself. At times, I can almost be shy.  So to help myself be uncomfortable, I am going to force myself to write. To put myself into this blog. To share.

10. Personal Health

I want to be healthier! My last goal is selfish! I figure that the more I get involved in the health and fitness community of Reno, the healthier I will be! I am married to an incredible man that I love and adore. We have two great kids together. I love my furry babies almost as much as I love my kids. I have friends that are very near and dear to me.  I want all of us to reach for new potentials. To be healthier!

So here goes my new health and fitness section!! Please don’t hesitate to call me out if I miss a blog or two, admit defeat, or just fall off the face of the planet. I have a tendency for all of the above, and I need encouragement. If you want to join in me as an accountability partner – let’s do this!  Let’s encourage each other!

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Kristen Smith