I Love Kickboxing

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I love to try new fitness classes! I think it is good to do for two reasons. The first reason is that it helps to work on different areas of your body by challenging different muscle groups. The second reason is that it is fun! When I take a new class I go in with an open mind and give myself a hall pass to try it out. I Love Kickboxing was a success!

I actually got my husband to go with me and try I Love Kickboxing in South Reno off Double R Blvd. It is right next to Jazmine’s restaurant,which is really good if you haven’t been there. What a great class! Great energy!! It is an hour-long class that focuses on calisthenics and Kickboxing. You don’t have to have any prior kickboxing experience. The instructors are awesome and give you a private lesson your first time attending. It is not intimidating at all, in fact, it is the opposite. The whole class is really warm and welcoming! I have a few aches and pains that I deal with from time to time from past injuries and the instructors were great giving me alternative moves to do if needed. Overall, we both really liked the class! It was tough yet it moved at such a quick pace that you don’t really feel like you are working out. Speaking for myself, I worked out arm and back muscles that I didn’t know existed. When the class was done, we both felt like we had a great work out doing something fun and different than the norm of the gym. We ended up signing up for the 35 class package…here we go! Come join us at I Love Kickboxing in South Reno!

Contact me if you are interested or to find out more about the classes.