Working Out With Our Kids!


Our kids have watched Bill and I work out early in the mornings before work for years. When the kids were little, we took turns. Now Bill and I are able to go together or at least at the same time. (For those with littles, I promise that it does get easier.) As the kids got older, they started to go with us to the gym. At first, this was a bit challenging as we ended up training the kids and not training ourselves. When gym time is a precious commodity, we had to come up with a different solution. We hired a trainer for the kids!

unnamedWe work out at a gym near our house in Damonte Ranch called Flex Appeal. It is a great gym that is clean with a good vibe that has a good weight and class selection. They are also open 24 hours a day. Very convenient. Our solution was to hire the kids a trainer so that they could work out and we could work out at the same time. At first, we just thought we would try it. It worked great. We asked Flex Appeal for the right trainer, one that would be good for kids. They recommended Melanie Redding, who turned out to be the perfect person to work with the kids. The kids work out with her twice a week at 6:30 am before school. I don’t know if it is the fact that the kids have watched us go for so many years or if it is the fact that they like Melanie, the environment or the work out, but the kids never complain. They really like it! In all honesty, it is probably a combination of it all.

This week was particularly fun! West was on his 6th grade trip, so I got to take his place and work out with Macy. I had not worked out with Melanie before. We had such a good time. Melanie organized a whole body workout for us that included lunges, speed training, coordination exercises and strength training. Melanie mixed it up! Fun ways to do different things!

Macy and I had a great week together. We really enjoyed our Mom-Daughter time together….including our workouts!

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