How to Prepare Your House for Summer Entertaining

Summer is around the corner and it is the perfect time to freshen up your living area. Whether you plan on hosting parties, throwing barbeques, or simply relaxing in the comfort of your own home- there are many steps you can take to help liven up any area for the summer season.

  • Replace winter potpourri or pine decorations with bright accent bowls filled with colorful fruit.


  • Add a dash of color with summertime flowers such as daisies and bright-colored roses.
  • Prepare a pitcher of fruit water and leave it in your fridge, ready to place on the table at any point of the day.
  • Use mason jars for outdoor lighting.
  • Plant produce that thrives in warmer weather. Examples are tomatoes, lettuce, and basil.
  • Incorporate a bright umbrella into an outside area, whether that be a deck or grassy area with accompanying chairs.


  • Take advantage of outdoor, green space: mow your lawn and lay out lounge furniture for basking in the sun.
  • Have a pitcher of fresh lemonade in your fridge, ready to lay out any time.
  • Get your AC unit and/or fans ready.
  • Place a basket by the door leading outside with sunshine essentials (such as sunscreen, a towel, sunglasses, and water).
  • Use candles with bright, citrus scents to fill your home and energize you.


  • Create a makeshift herb garden for your windowsills.
  • Freshen up guestrooms with lighter, cooler colors such as denim blue accents and white linen.
  • Open your windows and allow both fresh air and natural light to fill your house.