Tahoe City Marina

A great summer find! Have you ever wanted to go boating out on Lake Tahoe but don’t own a boat? This is your answer….and so easy! (In my humble opinion, this could beat out owning a boat all day long. All the fun with no work.)


Picture4Picture3Tahoe City Marina! It is located right next to Jakes on the lake in Tahoe City. Step by step instructions couldn’t be any easier. Call and make a reservation. Show up a half hour before departure time. Go next door to rent all the lake toys you might want…inner tube for our family. Go down the doc and get on the boat! Bring a picnic and drinks along. They have coolers and ice there for a minimal charge or you can bring your own. The guys on the doc will show you the ropes and give you a map. Lastly, off you go! We rented the boat for 2 hours but honestly wish we had rented it for 3! Inner tubing is so much fun that we spent most of our time watching our kids…and then wished we had one more hour to just appreciate the beautiful scenery!

Picture2The cost for renting is not inexpensive. However, if you compare it to actually owning a boat it is actually incredibly inexpensive! Call for pricing. Tahoe Marina also has a frequent user program that will save some money over time. If you plan to use it every so often, this program is a must.

Lastly, one of the best things is that you can take your dog! For an additional fee you can enjoy the day with your pet. Our dog had so much fun, he even went out on the inner tube. He loved it!! It was so great!

We had such a fabulous day!! I couldn’t recommend it any more. One last note, I hear that boats are discounted during the week and rates drop after Labor Day weekend. Enjoy!!!

Call them: 530-583-1039