Winter Activities for Reno

When it comes to wintertime in places like Reno, where the season includes moderate to heavy snowfall and cold, crisp air, we are fortunate enough to have an abundant amount of outdoor winter activities right at our fingertips! The Sierra Nevada Mountains offer exciting day-trips for those in the valley to experience all that Tahoe and Truckee have to offer; however, if someone wants adventure a little closer to home, there are numerous opportunities within the Reno area as well. 

Reno skiing locations


The first activity, available just a short 30 minutes away from Downtown Reno, is skiing or snowboarding at Mt. Rose Ski Resort. Although most of the other ski resorts are either in Tahoe, in Truckee, or past Donner Lake, Mt. Rose offers 1,200 acres of top-notch ski slopes for all skill levels and stunning views from every angle on this mountain, which is halfway between Reno and Lake Tahoe. Whether you are just going for the day or the season, this ski resort offers passes for any occasion as well as programs and events for all to join. For more information on Mt. Rose Ski Resort, visit their website at Also, if you are interested in skiing other nearby mountains, check out our blog on 2019/2020 winter season passes

Winter activities-snowshoe trails in Reno


If you are an avid hiker in warmer seasons, don’t rule it out in the winter! The next activity you can participate in is hiking and/or snowshoeing along local trails surrounding the valley. These include, but are not limited to, the Galena Creek Trail, Hidden Valley Country Park Trail, Huffaker Park Lookout Trail, and Tahoe Meadows. These trails are perfect for individuals of all skill levels and offer a remarkable new perspective of your favorite summer hiking trails. Visit Reno Tahoe has put together some guided maps of the local trails, as well as information on snowshoeing for beginners.

Sledding locations near Reno


Although sledding and cross-country skiing can be done virtually anywhere there is snow, there are also recognized “snow parks” in the Reno area for families, friends, or individuals looking to enjoy these winter activities with others. The two parks noted for the Reno area are Tahoe Meadows and Galena Creek, which were also wonderful spots for hiking and snowshoeing. For more information on local snow parks, as well as some locations further up into the Sierra’s, check out Visit Reno Tahoe.

Where to ice skate in Reno

Ice Skating

One of the most popular winter activities, ice skating, is available to all at two local rinks in the Reno valley. The first rink location is downtown at The Row, on the corner of Sixth Street and Sierra. This is the new location for the ice rink that was located at the Greater Nevada Field, home of the Aces baseball team. This particular rink holds special Character Days, and those who partake are encouraged to dress up and experience the magic of the winter season. The location of this ice rink is also perfect for those who wish to warm up in one of the city’s many downtown restaurants, casinos, or local breweries. The Grand Sierra Resort also has an ice skating rink this year, and it’s especially large at 8,000 square feet. The GSR also offers a heated pool and hot tubs, a bar for the adults, and fire-pits to warm up and make smores during this chilly season. Click here for info on the ice rink at The Row, and click here for info about the ice rink at the GSR.