Mountain Modern Home Design

Mountain design and architecture is a dynamic, constantly evolving style. It has gone through many changes over the last few years, and has been modernized so that homeowners can get the right amount of comfort they seek. Mountain modern style offers a perfect balance and brings together rustic charm and modern city designs with clean lines, while still respecting the beautiful location. What we love about it is efficiency and sustainability. This style of home design is not only a current trend, but we believe it will stand the test of time. 


When defining Mountain modern home design, we talk about the unique structures that perfectly compliment the surrounding nature. The homes are mostly built from local materials and have large windows to ensure a connection with the beautiful outdoors. This style offers a fresh take on a classic rustic look. It is simple, inspired by the landscape, and takes the weather and wildlife into consideration.

Even though they are all unique, most mountain modern homes share the following features: 

Open Space & More Lights in Mountain Modern Home

13005 Falcon Point Place, Truckee – currently listed by Darin Vicknair & Alex Min

More Light & Open Space

An open floor plan and large windows are one of the most important features of this style of home. These features help bring more light inside. It is wise to think about the position of the sun while situating the house, to take advantage of as much natural light as possible. 

Modern design uses Neutral Color Choices

Tahoma Mountain Modern Home sold by Oliver Luxury Real Estate

Neutral Color Choices

Mountain modern design picks from the neutral soft color palette to compliment and showcase all the materials used. Colors like beige, grey, brown or blue are used to mimic those found in nature, bringing in more of the outdoors feel. Here, it is definitely material over color. The emphasis is placed on texture, and the building materials become part of the decor. It is complemented by modern furniture, and often combined with rustic fabrics.

Outdoor connection with the lake

This lakefront property that was completely reconstructed and sold by Oliver Luxury Real Estate has a great connection with Lake Tahoe, which is just steps away from the living room. 

Indoor & Outdoor Connection

Modern mountain homes think of the outdoors as part of a living space, so keeping it a main focus is a top priority. There is no advantage to a mountain home if it is closed off from the beauty that surrounds it. The large windows and decks help blur the boundaries, offering beautiful views of mountain peaks or the clear water of nearby lakes. 

Lakefron mountain modern home structure

3149 West Lake Blvd, Homewood – currently listed by Darin Vicknair

Unique Structure Built with Local Sources

These types of homes are frequently made from locally sourced wood, stone and steel. The exterior is everything but boring. We see unique shapes that really work with the landscape; vastly different than an A-frame or a classic rectangle cabin. The home decor is usually completed with a few exceptional pieces made by local artists.

Modern Structure in Zephyr Cove

Mountain Modern Home in Zephyr Cove sold by Oliver Luxury Real Estate

Low Maintenance

The biggest advantage of a mountain modern home is that it’s low maintenance. Don’t expect walls full of trophies and heavy rugs. Mountain modern style is simple and clean, with very little clutter. By skipping the small decor and using a few bigger decorative pieces, it is easier to maintain and keep clean. These homes are inspired by the landscape and offer smooth and thoughtful exteriors. They truly blend organically into their surroundings. By utilizing local stone and native plants, the owners spend very little time maintaining the property. This is a great advantage, allowing for more time to enjoy your home and feel like you’re on a vacation retreat.