Design Tip of the Week: Welcome to the Foyer


People make first impressions within the first thirty seconds of meeting someone. The following two to five minutes of that impression will determine a very large portion of how one feels towards someone for the rest of their time together. While your home’s first impression may not make or break a friendship, it will leave a lasting impression on how your guests and potential homebuyers (when selling) view your home. So, here are a few things to keep in mind when decorating your home’s foyer or entryway.

Use a runner.

Place a runner a few feet from the front of the door to help guide your guests inside your home. Whether you use a contrasting color or something more traditional, make sure the runner doesn’t actually touch the door or interfere with your door opening. If you don’t want to use carpet runner, consider painting a rectangular shape into the entrance of your foyer. Or, try a tile inlay.

Use a bold, warm color.

Painting your entryway a color that not only stands out but also invites your guests inside is crucial to making a positive and lasting first impression. Plus, this is your chance to make a statement about your style, your home, and yourself from the moment your guests enter your home.

Make it interesting.

Whether it’s an antique mirror or fresh flowers, your foyer should be unique – just like your home! If you’re all about family, take advantage of old family photos and childhood memorabilia. Whatever you do, make it you.

The foyer of your home is one of the most important parts of your home because it makes the first impression on your guests, your family, and you, every time you walk in.

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