Design Tip of the Week: Old Meets New for Freshly Fused Design

RedDoorDesign trends change time and time again, with styles lasting from a few years while to only a few years.

Over the past few years, I’ve seen more and more extraordinary homes use a fusion of old and new design schemes to pull off a truly spectacular look. As we enter the summer – a time when many homeowners utilize extra time to remodel, redecorate and renovate their homes – let’s explore the ins and outs of decorating with old and new pieces.

It’s All About Contrast

According to professional stylist Peter Frank, “It all comes down to contrast,” he says. “Mix hard with soft, square with round, blocky with leggy.” His Hudson Valley home elegantly combines pieces of the past with some of the modern home’s most contemporary designs.

Frank raises an important point to keep in mind when mixing the past with the present: contrast. Traditionally, mixing pieces that don’t match has been considered unfashionable – or “bad design.” However, mixing different pieces of old and new furniture, lighting, wall décor and more has shown to make a wonderful statement in homes today.

Don’t Get Carried Away

That being said, it’s important not to get carried away when contrasting decorative pieces. Mixing and matching too many elements can appear messy, and might be overwhelming to residents, guests or potential homebuyers. Although some contrast is good, too much can actually be a bad thing.

The best part about decorating and furnishing spaces in your home with old and new components is that it can be fun and affordable. While a new map for your office wall might cost a couple hundred dollars, you can likely find a vintage one online or at a local flea market for a fraction of the price. Searching for items is an adventure, making the final product all that more satisfying when your old and new design pieces come together.

So, have some fun and experiment with new looks to find the perfect fusion of old and new design elements in your home. Chances are you’ll be surprised at the impact on your home when old meets new design.

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