50 Ways to Refresh Your Home for the New Year

The holiday season has ended and the New Year is upon us full-force. From family gatherings to vacations and annual meetings to last minute conference calls, the end of the year likely brought many distractions. Somehow the entire month of January has gone by in a flash and it is almost February! As we start to get back to our daily routine and the holiday chaos has passed, it is easy to feel like your home needs something “new”. To help you feel inspired, we have created a list of 50 ways to refresh your home and reenergize your space to bring a great start to the New Year.
1. Paint an accent wall
2. Clean up the clutter
3. Change your color palate
4. Accessorize your coffee table with art books
5. Add one color or mute one down
6. Switch to eco-friendly light bulbs
7. Add a new entry rug in either a muted or brighter color
8. Refurbish old furniture
9. Place wood in the fireplace
10. Keep a stack of folded white towels in the bathroom for a spa-like feeling


11. Incorporate a stand-up desk into your office space
12. Consider installing solar panels
13. Switch out photo frames
14. Shop local for a new home accessory
15. Transform an old dresser into a custom vanity
16. Group small mirrors, pictures, or art in areas that need to be accentuated


17. Add more flair by placing a contemporary object to the house
18. Step up your recycling and composting game
19. Set the table and include accessories such as a fruit centerpiece
20. Add more nature by incorporating a rustic accent object
21. Install a shelf in the laundry room
22. Swap your linens
23. Try “New Years” cleaning instead of “spring cleaning”
24. Trade in heavy winter fabrics for light and airy ones
25. Add a chandelier to an unexpected area (we like chandeliers over master tubs)


26.Fold a textured throw over a couch or chair
27. Move your furniture a little; try new angles
28.Incorporate plants into your home to add liveliness
29. Dust and clean your ceiling fan
30. Browse Pinterest for DIY home inspiration
31. Push small work benches together in the garage to make a long work space
32. Paint your front door a bright color


33. Use fresh flowers throughout the house to lighten the atmosphere
34. Find one common accent color and stick to it
35. Rearrange your bookshelves
36. Hang a mirror to add natural light
37. Shake and redistribute the pillows on your couch
38. Use neutral paint to hide less-appealing architecture
39. Consider adding incense to bathrooms and gathering areas
40. Put a bowl of fresh citrus fruit in your kitchen for a burst of color and fresh feeling


41. Plant a small garden on your porch or balcony
42. Find an accent rug to place under your coffee table
43. Incorporate hooks in your garage to hang coats
44. Paint a section of one wall with an inspirational quote
45. Add a textured art piece to flat rooms
46. Clean out the junk drawer
47. Color coordinate your closet
48. Add floating shelves to your wall to act as bookshelves
49. Display a beautiful vase, bowl, or tray on your coffee table or vanity
50. Add texture to your bedroom by creating a headboard from a refurbished door or art piece


Whether you end up refurbishing old furniture or simply organizing a small drawer, minor changes to reenergize your home can have a dramatic impact. Adding accent pieces or incorporating a new color palate can have a significant impact on your mood and provide inspiration for other projects. So welcome in the New Year by trying something new, you never know what inspiration may come of it!